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Spending Doesn’t Hurt Anymore: Jar App Helps You Invest With Every Spend!

April 21, 2023

Table of Contents

    Table of Contents

      Now you don't have to burn your pocket to invest. Jar App makes it easier to Invest in Digital Gold and helps to grow your money.

      Everyone can Save Money now.

      Struggling to save money? We’ve all been there!

      If you’re anything like us, you’ve already fallen prey to spending all your money online and we know how often it lands us in trouble.

      Most of us want to save more money, but without a solid plan and good financial habits, even the best of us can fail.

      Before you know it, it's the end of the month, and tada, you are no way closer to saving than when you started.

      It’s even crazy when we see the stats that the average age for an Indian to start earning is 21 but to invest is 30. That’s straight away a huge gap of 10 years, damn.

      Automated Daily Savings with Jar App

      What if we tell you we have the right app for you to rise above the herd and avoid this gap while saving money in the best way?

      Check out this fabulous app called Jar that helps you save money the fun and easy way! Curious?

      All you have to do is spend. We’re not even kidding! Jar uses SMS to detect each spend of yours and rounds it up to the nearest 10.

      So if you just purchased a not-so-fancy top off Myntra for 495 bucks, Jar will round it up to 500 and invest the differential amount (500 - 495) on your behalf! Smart, right?

      Isn’t it great that it is helping you make savings a habit, instead of some sort of burden?

      Just like the childhood days when we used to save the change in our piggy banks, all excited for it to fill up soon so we can finally buy the toy or dress that we wanted.

      It has now taken the form of an organised automated platform, which is Jar.

      But wait, where does all that money go? Well, you’ve just invested the differential monies into 99.9% pure digital gold, fully secured in world-class vaults and insured by the top Indian banks!

      Yes, the app also auto-deducts the remainder of 5 bucks from your bank account via UPI auto-pay. Awesome, isn’t it? Well, If that’s not enough to convince you, there’s a lot more! 

      Check out these great features that Jar App offers: 

      • Invest for as low as ₹1 : Believe it or not, you can invest in digital gold even with as low as ₹1 through the Jar app.

      • Sign-up in seconds : All you need is an android phone and Jar app to open an account in only 30 to 45 seconds and start investing right away! No hassle of KYC or linking of bank account. It cannot get simpler than this!

      • No commitment : The power to control your money in your hands when you use Jar. You can choose to pause and resume your investments anytime. No stress of huge amounts of money deducting from your account every month.

      • Choose how you want to save : Jar offers you two options of how you want to save your money. You can either choose the amount of money you want to be deducted as your daily savings or can go for the rounding up option where it automatically deducts the differential amount on every spending.

      • Double up last saving : For every deduction, a game will be activated and if you win, you stand a chance to double up your last saving! How we wish saving was always that fun. Sigh.

      • Exit Anytime : You can sell your gold anytime and anywhere you wish, and the money goes right into your bank account.

      Saving (and spending!) was never so fun! Why are you still waiting? Download the Jar app now and start investing the smooth way.

      To know more about Digital Gold Investments check out our FAQs page on Digital Gold & other queries.