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5 Ways Investing in Digital Gold Can Make You Rich in the Long Term

April 21, 2023

Table of Contents

    Table of Contents

      Digital gold is a straightforward way to future financial stability. To learn more, check out this article!

      As an investor, your job is to look for investment opportunities that reap higher profits. A subtly framed, diversified financial portfolio that doesn’t depend on just one profit-source is what your utmost need is. 

      From risky ventures like equities to fixed return investments like RBI  bonds, there are plenty of opportunities to invest in. 

      The reason behind gold's popularity as a safe investment option is because of its ability to reap stable returns. It also, as you may, is an important hedge against  the side-effects of inflation. 

      Many investors suggest that for a long term investment plan, one must mix the risky but highly profitable options with a fair proportion of those that give stable and fixed returns. As for gold, a minimum of 7 to 15% weightage would provide a nice cushion for your portfolio. 

      Since long terms are more prone to financial instability, gold would work as a backup for your portfolio in those times. 

      As Indians, there is no way we can ignore precious metals like gold, which are basically family heirlooms. 

      With its cultural, social, and economic significance, gold has always been and will continue to be an inseparable part of Indian investors’ financial portfolio. However, since digitalization has taken over the market, so has happened with gold too. 

      Now you can invest in gold through online platforms like Jar. The term in vogue for a new type of gold investment is- digital gold. 

      Digital gold investment is relatively a new trend in the market. With the ease and high returns that it provides, it is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after investment options. Besides this, digital gold also stands above all other types of investments in gold

      For example, physical gold investments would bring difficulty in terms of storage and maintenance, the investment in Gold Sovereign bonds is available at select intervals at the banking window; and the Gold ETFs require you to have a prior knowledge of the market. 

      But, for digital gold, the process of investing and earning is simple and transparent. 

      Let’s now look at 5 reasons why you should invest in digital gold: 

      1. The promise of a 100% secured investment

      The best thing about digital gold is that you won’t have to worry about losing it or its quality being bad. When you invest in digital gold, it is taken as your direct ownership, just like in the case of physical gold. 

      For security, your gold will always be completely insured and will be maintained and stored in certified vaults at highly secured premises! 

      The platform (be it online or offline) where you invest in digital gold is responsible for keeping your gold safe and sound with additional trusteeships. So go ahead and invest today!

      2. Easy liquidity of digital gold

      In the past 10 years, gold prices have seen around a 300% rise in prices. When you invest in digital gold, it will be easy for you to resell it at the market price without incurring any extra cost. 

      Through Instant Bank Transfers, funds from the sale of digital gold can easily be transferred from one account to the other. 

      Therefore, when an emergency pertains where you readily need cash, you can turn to your digital golf investment and conveniently liquify it

      The unpredictable nature of markets makes it  important to take into account the stability of a gold investment, and digital gold is definitely the best hedge. 

      3. Start investing with just Rs. 10! 

      If you are disappointed that you can’t invest in digital gold due to a lack of funds, here is some good news to you. The price of  digital gold is not affected by outside factors like geographical location or even a pandemic. These prices are completely determined by wholesale market rates, making it quite affordable for even new investors! 

      Some online platforms like the Jar app, especially built for digital gold investments, would let you start investing in digital gold with a mere sum of Rs. 11. 

      Just look for the right platform and start investing earlier to get a kick start in your financial journey. In a gold investment, even the smallest fraction of money invested counts! 

      4. Troubled by inflation and other markets? It will give you a hedge! 

      We cannot help emphasise enough on the stable returns that digital gold gives you in the long run. Gold investments can never go out of style! Being a metal, it is a much safer option to invest in digital gold in order to build a resilient portfolio. 

      This stability of the gold market explains why it is the top choice of investors while building an emergency fund

      Through investment in digital gold, you get a stable section in your portfolio on which you can rely in economically challenging times. Despite the changing methods of investments in gold, you can still count on gold to act as your long term wealth-making option! 

      5. Worrying about being scammed? Get the purest 24k gold delivered on your doorstep! 

      In case you aren’t confident about investing in digital gold as it will be out of your reach, you actually needn't worry about it. The reason is, any time you want, you can ask your company or investment platform to deliver your gold to your doorstep! 

      Redeeming physical gold from investments in digital gold is a simple task. You may even get the option to decide the type of gold form you would like to get delivered- say coins or bullions, etc. 

      You will receive the purest form of physical gold at your doorstep with complete security. However, after delivery, the responsibilities of maintenance and security lies with you- this is perhaps the reason why many investors avoid getting physical gold delivered. 

      Digital gold is the new revolution in gold investment. It is as safe as a physical gold investment and as profitable as a gold ETF investment! 

      Digital gold investments don't require any specializations like extensive market awareness or excessive funds. All you need is a good direction, platform and the willingness to grow your portfolio. In the long run, you will find this investment the most stable and one of the most profitable! 

      As a beginner in the investment market, it is tough to decide where to start from. Get started with the Jar app and start investing in digital gold with just Rs. 10! Get assured gifts daily and kick start your investment journey. Download the Jar app today!