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Invest Daily in Digital Gold to Become Rich in the Long-Run

April 21, 2023

Table of Contents

    Table of Contents

      There are many paths to becoming rich and digital gold investments are the simplest of them. To know more, check out this article!

      Current fragile market conditions make investment plans the ultimate hot cake- everyone wants to grab them as soon as they can. Though the involvement of risk still creates hesitation, people are now more in favor of investing than they were ever before. 

      As an investor, your goal is to look for an investment option that is subtly risk-balanced and generates good results from diversified sources. While high-return and high-risk investments like equities are the choices of long-term investors, more secured options like RBI bonds, government securities, real estate, etc. are favored by low-risk investors. 

      If you lie somewhere in between, you might want to mix these investment plans and the result is a balanced portfolio. 

      In case you have an active portfolio and are currently seeking some cushion to ensure stable returns, well, you must check out digital gold investments

      Besides being the supplier of stable returns, digital gold is the best hedge against inflation. It can be easily liquified and is backed by real 24-carat physical gold- no room for fraud!

      Since we mentioned that it is important to balance the risk in your financial portfolio (unless you absolutely love it), for gold investments, a weightage of around 7% to 15% should do the job well. Especially if you focus mainly on long terms, digital gold investment should be a part of the plan. 

      Digital gold investments, though relatively new in the market, are quickly becoming the most sought-after investment options. Plus, in India where gold is the family heirloom and has to be a part of your investment, digital gold is becoming the new love. 

      Also, digital gold is the easiest and most convenient way to invest in gold.

      How? Look, physical gold comes with problems of maintenance and storage; Gold ETFs should only be invested in if you have prior knowledge of the investment market and investment in Sovereign Gold Bonds is available only at selected intervals at your banking window. 

      Coming to digital gold, the process is secure, simple and transparent. Here are the reasons you should invest in Digital Gold.

      A 100% Secured Investment Option

      Digital gold investments are completely secured. You neither have to worry about losing nor about the bad quality. Investing in digital gold gives you direct ownership just like in the case of physical gold. 

      Here too, you are backing up your financial portfolio with real physical gold. Your invested gold remains completely insured. Plus, the app or company where you buy digital gold from, stores your pure gold in certified vaults at highly secured premises. 

      Whenever you want, you can request to get your digital gold home delivered. 

      Till the time it remains with the company/agency itself, it is their responsibility to keep it completely safe and sound with additional trusteeships. So go ahead and start investing in digital gold today! 

      Ease of Liquidity of Digital Gold 

      With a 300% surge in gold prices in the last decade, it has become an important asset to hold by investors. With digital gold, you get the facility and convenience to sell it anytime at prevailing market prices with much more ease than physical gold. 

      This can be done without incurring any extra costs from your side. As you sell your digital gold, through the facility of instant bank transfers, the funds from the sale of digital gold can easily be transferred from one bank account to another. 

      Therefore, gold is not only an excellent hedge against inflation but is also an amazing asset for your emergency fund. Whenever you need money, you can just quickly sell your digital gold at hand. 

      Hence, market uncertainties can easily be dealt with when you invest in digital gold. 

      Bare Minimum Budget Requirements to Start 

      Are you avoiding digital gold just because you think it's expensive to invest in or affects your budget? Well, don't worry then, instead, go ahead and start investing in digital gold today! 

      This is because, as a beginner, you can invest as low as Rs. 10 or buy as low as 1 gram of digital gold. Interesting right? For the high price doubts, you must note that digital gold prices are not altered or affected by any external stimuli. A certain geographical location or even a pandemic won’t affect its prices. They are based completely on current market conditions and wholesale market rates. 

      Apps like Jar will let you invest your spare change and start saving and investing in digital gold. 

      So, just look at the right platform and start your financial journey soon. In digital gold investments, even a small fraction would count! 

      Assured Pure Gold 

      Now if you are worried about being scammed or have doubts regarding digital gold since it will be out of your reach, you must know that you can get your physical gold delivered to yourself and the purity is always guaranteed- 24 carats. 

      That being said, you should be relieved that redeeming physical gold from your digital investment is an absolutely easy task. In many cases, you even have the option to decide what form of gold you would like to get delivered- coins, bullion, etc. 

      Once you get your gold delivered, the responsibility is all yours to keep it safe and secured. If you want to let the company keep it safe, it is possible only for a maximum of 5 to 7 years, beyond that, you are obliged to accept the delivery or you may sell it if you wish to. 

      Excellent Hedge Against Inflation 

      When talking about digital gold, it is necessary to highlight its relevance in providing a hedge against inflation. With the stable returns that it generates, you get to secure your portfolio over the long term. 

      Since you are investing in a metal, the investment is as stable as coin currency. For a resilient portfolio, an investor must consider the gold investment. 

      Digital gold can be your new favorite financial asset. Stable returns, hedge against inflation, cultural significance, excellent purity- you name it, digital gold has it! 

      In case you have made up your mind to start investing in digital gold and are currently interested in getting to know the plan better, download the Jar app and step up your yellow metal game! Start investing with just Rs. 10 and secure your financial health right from an early stage.