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From Automatic Savings to Automatic Rewards - Jar App

April 21, 2023

Table of Contents

    Table of Contents

      What's better than saving? Investing and getting rewarded for it. Read how Jar gives you automatic rewards for saving in Digital Gold.

      Struggling to save money? You know you should save money, and you want to save money, but you don't.

      Forget about investing it. That's why you need Jar - an automated investment app that lets you save and invest money into digital gold in the simplest and fastest way.

      Changing the way you save and invest your money. 

      And what's better than that? Getting rewarded for it. All you have to do is spend! We’re not even kidding!

      Jar wants to help you save money, so we'll give you rewards if you save regularly. Continue to save, save, save, and reap the benefits.  

      How does Jar work?  

      Jar is a Daily Gold Savings App that makes saving money a fun habit by saving a small amount of money every time you spend online.

      Like a Piggy Bank, just with a twist. Jar uses SMS to detect each spend of yours and rounds it up to the nearest 10, generating spare change.

      So if you just recharged your mobile with Rs 198, Jar app will detect the recharge confirmation message in your SMS folder and will round it up to 200 and invest the differential amount (200 - 198 = Rs 2) from your bank account (Attached to your UPI Id) on your behalf in Digital Gold. Smart, right? 

      Jar App automatically invests your spare change in 99.9% Pure Gold, which is fully secured in world-class vaults and insured by Top banks of India.

      You can also set a fixed amount with the auto pay feature to be deducted from your account and invest in Digital Gold everyday. Or you can invest manually.

      We've got some exciting rewards and offers to give you the kick you need to start saving and investing today: 

      1. Extra Gold on Every Purchase 

      Yes, you read it right. You now get Free Gold on every purchase on the Jar app. 

      • Buy Gold for Rs.500 and above and get 2% additional Gold for free! 
      • Buy Gold for Rs.5000 and above get 3% additional Gold for Free!


      2. The Golden Milestones

      Grab the milestones and get spins and extra Gold on every milestone you achieve.

      • Get 2% extra Gold on achieving every 0.5 gm milestone.
      • Get extra spins on achieving every 0.1 gm milestone (With a chance to double up your savings).

      3. Referral and Earn : All Year Round

      You get a chance to earn with referrals. Refer today and get the benefits for upto 1 year. Just ask your friend to install and sign up using your invite link. 

      • 2% extra rewards by Investing Daily and collecting spin rewards.
      • 2-3% worth extra benefits weekly by referring your friends and family.
      • Earn 1% commission on every transaction made by every referral -  upto 1 year.  

      5. Spin the Wheel 

      Every transaction wins you a spin on the Wheel of Savings on the Jar App. Get a chance to double your savings on Jar or a chance to win exciting cashback by playing games. 

      You can also create custom 'Jars' to achieve your financial goals such as:

      • Buy gold for your marriage.
      • Save money to buy a gift for your parents' anniversary.
      • Save for your next solo or family trip.
      • Plan finances for your kid's education.
      • Plan finances for starting your business or to invest in your favourite stocks.
      • Save money for better money control and financial control.
      • Buy digital gold for a secure future.
      • Plan finances for buying your dream car, home, phone or laptop.
      • Plan finances for emergency money requirements.

      With Automatic Savings to Automatic Rewards, Jar aims to make your investment journey smooth and easy.

      Let Jar be your savings and gold investment expert! Download the app today.