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Top 10 Indian Finance Influencers You Need To Follow

April 21, 2023

Financial influencers are the masters of money management! These Top 10 Indian finance influencers helps you to grow your money. To know more, check out this article!

The world of finance can be as mysterious, captivating with its ever-changing markets and razor-sharp trends. the internet is definitely an interesting place to learn anything. These top 10 Indian finance influencers offering their advice on how to manage money and make better financial decisions.

Online business is already running at its full-fledged length. A number of influencers are dominating the market by simply advertising their expertise. There is no doubt that they are inspiring and teaching us a number of useful things.

For instance, many personal finance bloggers and influencers continuously share tips on how to save or invest money. 

If you follow some of them, you might be aware of how effective their techniques and tips can be. Especially if you are a saving-lover, they can help you on where to invest your money. 

Here, we present to you a list of the 10 most influential and successful financial influencers. You can follow them, try out their tricks, and step up your financial health! 

10 Financial Influencers That Money Savers Must Follow! 

1. CA Rachana Ranade (@ca_rachana_ranade)

There is no doubt that if you want to master basic personal finance, you must follow Rachana Ranade. Rachana has around 4 million subscribers on YouTube and 828K followers on Instagram. 

Her specialty is stock market knowledge and basic financial knowledge. She has created content on a variety of financial topics, like the basics of the stock market, technical analysis of the market, and fundamental analysis. She also offers courses to step up your money game. 

Especially if you are a newbie investor in the stock market, her videos can help you understand even the most complex topics with ease. 

So, subscribe to her YouTube channel and follow her on Instagram to feed the money nerd inside you. 

2. Shreyaa Kapoor (@shreyaakapoor_)

Shreyaa Kapoor previously worked as a consultant with Bain & Company. Her attachment towards finance influenced her enough to quit her full-time job. Through her Instagram videos, she generates useful content about financial choices, investments, and trading stocks. 

Also, if you use LinkedIn, she is pretty active there and creates simplified posts about personal finance. Her content can make you money smart- so, do follow her and invest your saved money at the right place. 

3. Anushka Rathod (@anushkarathod98)

Anushka, a former investment banker and level-2 CFA candidate, is one of the top financial influencers in India. Through her refined content on personal finance, you can inculcate multiple healthy financial habits in your life. 

Also, she shares top-notch business tales to transform the way you look at businesses! With amazing financial memes followed by captions full of informative financial tips, you will truly enjoy her content! 

4. Ankur Warikoo (@ankurwarikoo)

Author of the bestseller “Do Epic Shit”, Ankur is a novelist and Internet Businessman. He was previously the co-founder and CEO of Nearbuy Groupon India. His content is very relatable and simple to comprehend. Instead of teaching personal finance, he prominently shares his experiences and journey with finance. 

He's a refined public speaker who'll make you fall in love with investing your money. He is a self-proclaimed FD-despiser and therefore, a must-to-be-followed if you also like investing in risky ventures!

5. Neha Nagar (@iamnehanagar)

Discussing finance influencers and forgetting to mention Neha Nagar is impossible. Neha is a driven businesswoman. She, through her content on financial awareness, helps growing businesses and enterprises gain momentum and succeed. 

Her content is one of the easiest to follow and understand. Therefore, if you are on edge with your financial health and confused about where to divert your savings, do follow her! 

6. Sharan Hegde (@financewithsharan)

Sharan Hegde has previously worked as a management consultant for one of the Big 4 firms. His financial videos are informative and interesting too. If you like to grab knowledge with a dash of fun, his content is perfect for you.

From investing and managing money to understanding the psychology of money, his content is full of variety. You should never miss the captions on his Instagram post since a bucket full of information is dropped there! 

7. Sayali Rai & Niyati Thaker (@fincocktail)

Got any sort of  personal finance related query? Fincocktail is the right stop to get it sorted! Fincocktail was developed with the primary objective of teaching the Indian youth how to take control of their money. 

To control your financial fate and get a head start on managing your money from the very beginning of your earning-life, you must follow Fincocktail. 

8. Pranjal Kamra (@pranjalkamra)

Pranjal’s financial content is rich and varied. His content doesn’t limit to personal finance tips, rather, it ranges from value investing and stock analysis to behavioural finance! With his tips on becoming a logical investor, you can definitely get access to all financial superpowers.

Being one of the best financial influencers in India, he teaches you various steps of achieving the prime goal of building health. Tracking your progress, developing a sound financial strategy, and investing as a beginner are awesome examples of his basic content targets.  

9. Unfinance (@unfinance)

Unfinance is a famous Instagram page initiated by an IIT Rorkee alumnus. The main idea behind this page is to help young investors achieve their financial ambitions with a long-term investment mindset. 

Started in August 2020, the page has become popular for its easy-to-understand financial literacy lessons. To achieve financial independence, you must follow an awesome page like this! 

10. Financial Literate (@financebyanmoll)

Financial Literate creates simplified content on money, the stock market, and business comprehension. They are gaining popularity for their very effective pieces of advice for attaining financial freedom. Anyone with a financial interest must follow them and see how they can transform your financial life!

Saving money is the best financial habit. Surpassing it, is the habit of investing money. If you love saving money and have saved plenty till now, it is the time to invest it. But how? You can get your questions answered by these amazing financial influencers.

From their personal journeys to their awesome content, to fall in love with investing money, you have to follow at least one of them! 

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