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How to Save Money for a Car: 9 Effective Ways

April 21, 2023

Table of Contents

    Table of Contents

      Buying your dream car is an exciting milestone, but it often comes with a hefty price tag. Learn effective strategies and tips on how to save money for a car.

      Planning to buy a new car? Check out these helpful tips on how to save money for a car.


      While it may sound difficult to save money to buy a dream car, it’s not impossible.

      All you need is proper planning and perseverance.

      Trust us, it will all seem worth it in the end once you get behind the wheel. But it definitely takes more than merely cutting expenses to increase savings.

      Since it’s a significant investment, it also helps you develop the habit of saving, regardless of whether you want to buy it completely or just put in a sizable enough down payment. 

      Here are 9 tips to help you saving for a car:

      1. How can I save money to buy a car?

      Starting on the journey to save up money for a car is, no doubt, the first step towards achieving your dream.

      You need to consistently set aside a certain amount from each paycheck and stick to it.

      You will be able to calculate how long it will take you to save the desired amount.

      Along with that, it will be much better if your bank additionally offers the choice of automatically transferring a portion of your paycheck to your savings account.

      2. How to Plan to Buy a Car in India

      When aiming to save money for a car, one should always maintain a budget and keep track of their finances, irrespective of the financial goal.

      Making a monthly, weekly, or daily budget could be a good method to make sure your spending habits don't grow out of control. Spend only on what is necessary. 

      For a while, try budgeting your income; you might be amazed at how much cash you can end up saving in the process.

      3. Open a savings account just for your car.

      To begin saving for a car, start a new savings account. The easiest approach to monitoring your progress towards your goal is to open a separate savings account just for your car money. 

      The simplest option is to open a savings account with the same bank where you already have a checking account. Your money will also make a little amount of interest in a savings account, making it a decent choice.

      4. How to Save Money for a Car with Low Income

      When you spend less on other major expenses, you can find extra money to add to your saving for a car. Aim to only buy what you actually need & avoid purchasing unnecessary items.

      A better option is to only spend enough money to cover your necessities, so you don't succumb to temptation and end up overspending

      There will always be expenses that are not actually necessary and can be eliminated if you compile a list of all your outgoing money. Remove them and instead put your additional cash into your savings. 

      5. Consider opening a savings account offering good interest rates

      Saving for a car can be tough, but opening a savings account with good interest rates can help you reach your goal faster. With a dedicated savings plan, you can avoid the temptation to spend your car fund on other things. Plus, the interest you earn will help your savings grow even faster.

      Some banks even offer additional incentives, like cashback rewards or waived fees. And because your money is insured, you can be sure it's safe.

      So if you're serious about saving for a car, opening a savings account is a great way to get started. It's a safe, convenient, and rewarding way to reach your automotive dreams.

      6. Automate your savings.

      If you’re wondering how to save money while buying a new car, just opening a savings account might not be enough. You must set up a system that automatically invests your money so that you don't have to worry about it.

      The majority of banks offer an auto-debit option whereby they will transfer a predetermined amount from one of your accounts to another without your intervention.

      An alternative strategy on how to save money for a car? Save daily with money-saving apps like Jar which has the auto-save feature.

      Here’s how to automate your savings plan. The auto-save feature helps you save daily, starting with just ₹10.

      Jar also saves the spare change from all your online transactions in Digital Gold - just like a piggy bank. Isn’t that amazing? You can easily download it from here

      7. Take a look at short to medium-term investments.

      When saving for a car, it is important to consider short-term and medium-term investments. 

      Short-term investments, such as money market funds, and medium-term investments, such as bonds or balanced mutual funds, offer a balance of risk and reward.

      Diversifying your investment portfolio is important to mitigate risk. By allocating funds, you can create a safety net against market volatility.

      Regularly reassessing your portfolio and making necessary adjustments can help you in grabbing emerging opportunities.

      Maintaining a long-term perspective while evaluating short-term and medium-term investment opportunities will ultimately lead to a successful car purchase and a solid financial foundation for the future.

      8.Explore financing options

      Going for a car loan while saving for a car can actually be a smart move. Getting a car loan means you can get that awesome car right away instead of waiting until you have all the money saved up. 

      But remember to consider that car loans come with interest and fees, which can affect the total cost of the car. 

      Before you opt for a loan, be sure to check out different lenders and compare their interest rates to get the best deal possible. 

      And always consider your current financial situation and whether you can comfortably handle the monthly loan payments without putting too much strain on your budget.

      However, finding the right balance between using a car loan and your savings can be the perfect way to make your car dreams come true without any worries. '

      9. Launch a small business or look for a side hustle.

      A brand-new car may not be affordable on your present income. But don't necessarily need to work two full-time jobs, but you might be able to start your own side business or take on some freelance work to increase your income. 

      If you are committed to saving for a car, there are plenty of earning opportunities available. Whatever the size of your profit from sources other than your main job can help you save money for a new car. 

      Saving money for a car requires discipline, determination, and smart financial strategies.

      The answer to how to save money for a car lies in, setting clear goals, cutting unnecessary expenses, and exploring various saving opportunities. Remember to be patient and stay committed to your savings plan.

      As we said in the beginning, while it may seem hard to find save up for your next car, it isn’t really impossible. Incorporate these tips in your life and you will see yourself driving that new car sooner than you expected!