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7 Best Personal Finance Apps and Budgeting Apps of 2024

April 21, 2023

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    Stop overspending and start saving with these 7 best personal finance apps. These apps will help you to keep track of your earnings and spending.

    In today's fast-moving world, when most of our life is spent earning money, we hardly find time to manage our money efficiently.

    Stop overspending and start saving with these 7 best personal finance apps in India. These personal finance apps will help you to keep track of your earnings and spending.

    However, with the advent of personal finance apps, individuals now have a powerful tool at their fingertips to navigate the complexities of their financial lives.

    Using these money management apps, one can learn to manage their personal finances and build financial confidence over a period of time.

    Hence, depending on a personal finance app to better manage one's finances has become popular among the masses and has helped people to improve personal financial planning.

    Here is a list of the 7 best personal finance apps of 2023 that help us as our money managers:

    1. Wallet - Money, Budget, Finance & Expense Tracker App

    Wallet is a personal finance management app. It helps us better plan our future monetary requirements by placing budgeting, expense control and financial planning in one place.

    Wallet is one of the best personal finance app India trusts and uses to easily track expenses from anywhere and at any time.

    Here are some of the important features of Wallet:

    1. Manages bills more efficiently and keeps better track of our payment cycles. 
    2. Keep an eye on the upcoming payments for better cash-flow management. 
    3. This personal finance app provides simple insights into our finances and spending patterns, including our accounts, credit cards, debit cards, and cash through simple, graphical and actionable overviews. 
    4. Our transactions across various sources are automatically and securely synced, categorized, and finally analyzed. 
    5. We can share details of any shared account with other account holders for any collective action.
    6. Multiple currency support, automatic cloud sync, tracking of receipts and warranty, shopping lists, report export in various formats, PIN-based security, standing instructions, and notifications. are other features of this personal finance app.

    Learn more about this app here.

    2. Dhani App - Medicines, Cards, Credit, Payments & Stocks

    Dhani personal financial app is a one-stop-shop due to its many features and benefits.

    Various features like instant personal loans, digital wallets, Dhani Reward Points, and various partner programs make it one of the best personal finance management apps. 

    That’s not all! This personal finance app also provides online gaming options like ‘Spin the Wheel’ and the ‘Stock Market Game’. 

    You can also use your Dhani Rupay card to shop at thousands of stores across the country making it one of the best personal finance apps in India.

    Here are some of the important features of this finance app:

    1. Absolutely simple and easy-to-use personal finance app that makes money management easy. 
    2. Collateral-free, instant personal loans, ranging from ₹1,000,000 to ₹1,500,000 are available in this finance app at the tap of a button.
    3. Shop now, pay later feature: These instant credit lines convert our transactions into easy EMIs at a 0% interest rate. 
    4. Health premium plans are available that are reasonably priced.
    5. We can earn rewards by referring the Dhani personal finance app to our friends. We can also get rewards for mobile recharges, bill payments, travel booking, etc. 

    Learn more about this app here.

    3. Walnut (Now AXIO) - All Indian banks' money manager app

    Walnut is a money manager app that automates and analyses all our spending and savings. 

    We can stay disciplined with our budget and bills, track our expenses, and save money with the Walnut App. 

    Furthermore, what ranks it among the best personal finance apps in India is its ‘Walnut Prime' benefit which offers eligible users personal loans, as well as, an instant line of credit for shopping, bill payments, and travel.

    Here are the features of this finance app:

    1. UPI is used for transactions in this money management app.
    2. Facilitates monitoring and managing our bank balances.
    3. Easy monitoring options for our railway reservations, movie tickets, and hotel bookings.
    4. Instant personal loans can be availed with annual interest rates ranging from 14% to 22%.

    Learn more about this app here.

    4. Monefy - Budget manager and expense tracker app

    An easy-to-use and intuitive user interface makes Monefy one of the best money management apps. 

    This finance app makes tracking daily purchases, bills, and everything else you spend your money on easier and more enjoyable.

    User-friendliness makes Monefy one of the best personal finance apps in India for beginners. 

    This finance app also tracks our expenses and compares them to monthly income and budget planner.

    ‍Here are the key features of this personal finance app:

    1. Maintains a record of our personal financial data. 
    2. Uses a budget tracker to manage our money efficiently. 
    3. Offers informative graphs for a better understanding and analysis of our expenses. 
    4. Easy-to-use widgets help us access our spending tracker.
    5. Manages recurring payments. 
    6. Maintains multiple currencies.

    Learn more about this app here.

    5. Money Manager- Expense & Budget App

    Money Manager is a personal finance app that allows planning, expense tracking, and asset management for iOS and Android devices.

    Household account management is a bit complicated. But Money Manager makes it simple, making it one of the best financial planning apps in India.

    Here are the key features of this app:

    1. Facilitates efficient account management by enabling double-entry bookkeeping.
    2. Shows budget and expenditure on a graph allowing comparison between the number of expenditures against the budget quickly.
    3. Manages Debit and Credit cards and records expenses automatically.
    4. Backs up and Restores data via email and supported cloud services.
    5. Multiple currency support.

    Learn more about this app here.

    6. Money View – Expense Manager app

    Money View makes excellent use of the financial data hidden in our SMS logs and manages our personal finance based on it.

    This personal finance app reads all of the transactional SMS messages and provides you with real-time visibility into your finances making it one of the best personal finance apps in India.

    Here are the key features of this app:

    1. Not just monitor our expenses; but also suggest relevant saving opportunities. 
    2. Efficiently plan our monthly budgets by providing periodic summaries, thus, helping us curb overspending. 
    3. Keep our credit score in check by sending personalized bill payment reminders. 
    4. Instantly checks our recent bank transactions.
    5. Automatically checks SMS data and updates financial reports based on the same. 
    6. Checks and analyses expense reports over time.

    Learn more about this app here.

    7. GoodBudget- Budget and finance app

    GoodBudget is an excellent personal finance management app. This app is based on the age-old, tried, and tested methodology of the envelope system for finance management.

    This personal finance app was designed for simple, real-time budget tracking which also enables syncing across devices such as Android, iPhone, and the Web, making it one of the best personal finance apps in India.

    Here are some key features of this app:

    1. Automatically backs up and securely stores data on the GoodBudget server. 
    2. Gives consistent and timely reminders about bill payments which helps keep credits on track. 
    3. Saves time with category suggestions and smart payee features. 
    4. Enables transfer of funds between accounts and envelopes for better personal finance management.
    5. Enforces spending discipline by only allowing us to spend what we have in the envelope. 
    6. Plans expenses well in advance.
    7. Carryovers the unused funds to the next month as a reward for discipline.
    8. Syncs and shares household budgets and spending across family members so that each one takes accountability for the savings and expenses. 

    Learn more about this app here.

    The above-mentioned personal finance apps can help us save money by better analyzing and managing our finances. We must research well before choosing a personal finance app and ensure that it suits our personal financial goals and ambitions.