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5 Things to Consider When Choosing the Platform to Buy Digital Gold

April 21, 2023

Table of Contents

    Table of Contents

      Planning to buy digital gold for investment purposes but confused about where to buy it from? Here are the top 5 factors to consider when choosing the online platform for buying digital gold.

      Digital gold is becoming increasingly popular as an investment option every day. As a result, more online platforms and websites are offering users the choice to buy gold from the comfort of their homes.

      But which website or platform should you opt for to buy digital gold? What factors must you consider before finalising the platform where you can purchase digital gold safely, securely, and for the best value possible?

      These are some of the questions we will be answering in this blog. You will get to know the essential details about the digital gold platform. We will also discuss the essential factors you should consider before you decide to buy digital gold using a digital gold application or platform.

      With every passing day, the demand and popularity of digital gold are increasing as people consider it a great investment option. Digital gold is not just a highly valuable asset with a proven track record in the investment market; it is also a hassle-free method of buying or investing in shiny metal.

      Today, there are hundreds of platforms where you buy digital gold with just a few clicks. Each digital gold platform has its unique features, services, and charges. As a result, many people who have never purchased digital gold before tend to get a bit confused, and they might make the wrong decisions.

      So the next time you plan to buy digital gold or select a digital gold platform, here are five factors you must consider.

      Factor #1: A Strong and Reliable Brand Name

      One of the essential factors to consider when selecting a platform to buy gold online is the brand name of the platform. A well-known and popular brand name often means quality, which is of prime importance when buying an expensive commodity, especially gold.

      You should always opt for platforms that have a strong brand name. Brands like Jar, Airtel Payments Bank, and PayTM Bank have been catering to the needs of their users for a long time now, and they have made a name for themselves by offering top-notch services. 

      A well-established brand with a strong brand name usually has a dedicated customer service team. You can always get assistance on your orders or purchases and be assured of the quality of the digital gold you are investing in.

      Factor #2: Services Offered

      Another essential factor to consider when choosing an online platform for buying gold is to look out for the platform's services. Different individuals have different requirements, and different platforms offer different services.

      For example, some platforms store your digital gold in secure vaults for you without any extra charges, while some platforms might not offer you this facility.

      Some platforms might ship the online gold you purchased directly to your home address, while several digital gold applications might allow you to customise your digital gold. You should always look out for the services offered by these digital platforms and select the one that best matches your needs and requirements.

      #3: Investment Flexibility

      A factor you should always consider when selecting an online platform for buying gold is the investment flexibility it offers its users. Many platforms allow you to buy gold for as low as ₹ 10, whereas some might ask you to purchase a certain amount of gold at the bare minimum.

      Now, you should always opt for a platform that allows you to be flexible when buying gold online. You should be able to purchase as much gold as your budget allows without the platform deciding the limit for you. 

      This is where online gold-buying platforms like Jar stand above others because this platform allows you to buy gold for as low as Rs. 10, with no upper bound. This feature is incredibly beneficial for those who do not have a huge budget and, instead, are looking to invest small amounts in digital gold every month.

      A platform should always offer you flexibility as far as buying digital gold is concerned.

      #4: Service Charges and Platform Fees

      Almost every platform that allows you to buy digital gold charges some service fees or platform fees for offering you different services. These charges can include locker charges, dispatch charges, or making charges.

      You should always consider these service charges when buying digital gold, especially if you plan to invest in digital gold regularly. It is so because these charges can vary from platform to platform, and they can add up significantly depending on your investment amount.

      You should also keep an eye on different offers and coupon codes these platforms have to offer, as they might help you save a few bucks when buying online gold. Online platforms usually offer attractive offers and discounts, especially during the festive season, and you should take full advantage of these offerings.

      Factor #5: Customer Reviews

      It is always a good option to check out the customer reviews posted on a platform before you proceed with your decision to buy digital gold. Customer reviews are one of your best ways to know about the kind of services and quality these online gold-buying platforms have to offer. 

      These reviews are posted by customers who have used the platform to buy digital gold, and a higher number of positive reviews is always a good sign. Refrain from opting for platforms or products with low ratings.

      Final Thoughts

      Buying digital gold is a fast-emerging investment option, and a lot of people have platforms trying to capitalize on the huge potential digital gold has to offer.

      As a result, there are hundreds of platforms that you can head to buy digital gold. However, every platform is unique in its sense, and they all offer their unique functionalities and products to offer. 

      Platforms like Jar are always a good choice when buying digital gold because of their offerings, services, and quality assurance. Changejar Technologies Private Limited is one of the fastest emerging names in the digital gold space, and you can always head on to their online platform for all your investment requirements.