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5 Reasons Why the Bride is Gifted Gold At Her Wedding

April 21, 2023

Table of Contents

    Table of Contents

      Indian weddings and Gold go hand-in-hand. The bride, who is the living epitome of the goddess of fortune, wealth and prosperity, adorns Gold jewellery at her wedding. For Indians, Gold is an auspicious metal.

      India is the largest consumer of Gold in the world, followed by China and the US. Several Indians consider Gold to be a divine metal which represents wealth, warmth, and prosperity, and as a result, many of us hold purchasing Gold in very high regards. 

      It has often been observed that Indians prefer to buy Gold jewelry rather than Gold coins or bullions. On a practical basis, Gold is as liquid as the currency.

      This is also the reason why Gold investments are considered a safe investment plan and provide financial security for the future. Being a core part of Indian culture, Gold purchases are celebrated in India. Indians buy Gold at important junctures of their lives, weddings being the grandest of them all.

      During festivals like Dhanteras, Gold demand often reaches its peak in India. Dhanteras also marks the beginning of the grand wedding season when everything revolves around this yellow metal. 

      In Indian wedding rituals, Gold’s presence is almost mandatory, given to its sacredness. One of the simplest examples that displays this is the mangalsutra.

      A symbolic representation of a wedded Indian woman, this is essentially an ornament with a pendant made out of two Gold cups tied together by a thread. An Indian bride also receives Gold as a blessing for a happy and healthy married life.

      The more the bride is adorned in Gold, the more well-off her parents and groom’s family are considered to be. Other than being a social status symbol, Gold has several practical relevance too. Gold is often passed on from generation to generation and Gold jewelry becomes the heirloom of families. 

      There are many socio-economic significance of Gold. Let’s check out a few of them here:

      1. Gold as a family heirloom

      As previously stated, Gold jewelry plays the role of heirloom for many families in India. To continue this prosperous legacy, Gold jewelry is even passed on from mother to daughter at the daughter’s wedding.

      As the bride enters her new home adorned in traditional Gold ornaments, she is often described as the incarnation of goddess Laxmi. Despite the modern times, this  legacy still holds strong in Indian wedding cultures. 

      By holding Gold, people even eliminate the risk of future financial instability. Gold, being easy to liquefy into money, is the best possible way to showcase one’s social status while also safeguarding future financial prospects. 

      2. Gold- the epitome of high social symbol

      It is not a new fact that Gold jewelry is the grandest way possible for Indians to flaunt their wealth. And when this happens at a wedding, it is even better!

      Even when Gold rates are skyrocketing, Indians wouldn’t refrain from buying or investing in Gold especially when the excuse is for a wedding. Gold definitely becomes the most precious gift for the bride as well. 

      3. Gold - The best investment option

      Throughout history, Gold has been considered to be the best and safest investment option. The faith that Indians hold in Gold is unparalleled. To read more about how this shiny metal has impacted our economy, check out this article!

      Keeping Gold jewelry safe in lockers is what every Indian household usually prefers. By gifting a bride Gold jewelry at her wedding, you are basically aiding her future from unforeseen political and economic upheavals since the value of Gold seldom declines. 

      4. Gold as an auspicious gift

      In India, Gold is a beneficial gift to anyone. When you gift a bride Gold on her wedding day, you are considered to be blessing her with a long and happy married life ahead. 

      5. Religious backing for gifting Gold to the bride

      Additionally, regardless of the religion, Indians love and cherish Gold equally — it is important for everyone!

      Festivals like Akshaya Tritiya, Dhanteras or pilgrimage sites like the Golden Temple and Tirumala temple are examples of how deeply Indians are connected with Gold. Any wedding is incomplete without some Gold. 

      Today, accessing gold has become even easier. With new digital platforms coming up, investments in Digital Gold are becoming more and more popular in India.

      Even though a large part of the Indian financial portfolio consists of Gold jewelry, Digital Gold is gradually catching up. With many companies offering facilities like doorstep deliveries of the invested Gold, the reliability of Digital Gold is catching Indian eyes.

      Sooner or later, it will be another major component of financial portfolios in India. 

      If you wish to invest in Digital Gold or simply convert your daily savings into Gold, you can refer to Jar.

      With a little forecasting and consistency, you can also grow your savings and diversify your financial portfolio using online tools like Jar. Gold investment being a long-term investment provides financial backup like no other financial asset.

      For tough days like after your retirement, it can be your family’s saviour. Gold’s benefits lie in the future. If you want to know more about why digital gold is a healthy investment, read this article!

      Now we know why every time  someone mentions Indian weddings, people dressed in sparkles and colours and Gold is what comes to our mind. Gold is a symbol of respect too.

      When the bride and groom are gifted Gold, they are blessed to have a financially secured future where there will never be worries regarding food, shelter and clothes. Prosperity will always  prevail  for them in their future.